Bead Society Orange County

Sindi Schloss - Humans' First Jewelry: Beads!

Saturday May 26, 2018 - 11AM - Norma Kershaw Auditorium

Beads are everywhere: dangling from car visors to being uncovered in archaeological digs! Not only have beads accompanied humans since we lived in caves, they are considered to be the first form of jewelry and archaeological indicators of when we became "modern man." They continue to be worn globally by men, women and children and decorate objects of art and animals.

Join Sindi for a fascinating overview of the history of human adornment through the bead, as well as factors which help us to identify conditions which make some more expensive than others.

The Bead Society of Orange County provides a beaders paradise for networking, workshops and the exchange of ideas along with opportunities to create, present and sell handmade artisan work. The Bead Society of Orange County is an affiliate of the Bowers Museum and as such, provides monetary support through proceeds from the annual Art of Adorning Bead Bazaar, the collection of dues and donations.