About the Bead Society of Orange County

Jan Petak satellite beads
Image Credits: Jan Petek and Allene Rose

Bead Society of Orange County
The (BSOC) was established in February of 1994 as an Affiliate Group of the Bowers Museum.

The Bead Society has grown from a small group of ten women who shared a common interest in beads into a group of more than 200 members.

Our mission statement is to provide the community an educational resource in the artistic, historical and intercultural significance of beads. Our support of the Bowers Museum includes fundraising and volunteer support of museum programs.

Our membership fills an entire spectrum of related bead interests -- and our roster includes many avid collectors, historians, retailers, crafters, jewelers, importers and world travelers, all in the name of beads.

We invite you to find out more about us. Click on the navigation bar headings at the top of this page to get information about membership, events, workshops and links to other bead sites.