Saturday, February 22, 2020 Sandra Enterline

“I drill holes because I like to. My jewelry is reminiscent of industrial relics. Thin gauge silver is perforated with tiny holes, creating an organic quality that transforms spare hollow constructions. The density and pattern of the minuscule perforations lend an indeterminable surface to the object. The pieces vibrate, the interior and exterior shift with changing light.”

-Sandra Enterline

Enterline is best known for her myriad of hand-drilled holes, a signature of her jewelry. The countless apertures that dot her pieces are reminiscent of precise insect bites on a leaf, and this technique allows light to pass through, creating a vibrating surface of light and shadow. As the wearer moves through space, the constantly shifting dynamic between interior and exterior evinces the complexity of Enterline’s contemporary and timeless work.