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Scheduled for February 27, 2021
a special Zoom presentation by Wayne Werner

Into the Labyrinth

Wayne will lead an informal discussion about process, historical techniques, and ancient inspiration for a modern goldsmith.

Wayne Werner has traveled around the world to learn with metal workers from Italy and Egypt to Java and Bali. Specializing in cold forging precious metals, Werner has incorporated the traditional techniques of gold and platinum smithing with his artistic vision of paying homage to the fertility cults of the ancient world.   

Werner’s work explores the relationship between metals liquid opus and the opus of mankind, both being a product of the earth cooling down. Through his work, Werner attempts to remind people of the miracle of life and the cosmic happening that we all are. 








Our page header image features the work of Bead Society members Hilary Whitaker, necklace; and Janet Seward, earrings. Both Hilary and Janet are avid collectors and create marvelous jewelry from their boxes of treasures!