Saturday, March 28th, 2020
Arlene Woods presents
Viking Knit Earrings


Viking Knitting dates all the way back to, well, the Vikings. Handmade chains were found in Viking treasure troves in Scandinavia. Made from melted down coins turned into a continuous, fine wire, these chains were formed using a loop in loop technique. Basically, the Vikings literally wore their treasure!

Modern Viking knit makes the most of all the latest developments in wire production. In this workshop, you’ll be making a lovely, capped pair of earrings with a crystal accent. Acquire a new skill or hone those you already have! Arlene will guide you through the process.

Class limited to 12 students

– Price is $25

Materials and Tools to bring

A 1/2” or a 5/8” wooden Dowel that is 12” long**

Masking tape

24 gauge or 26 gauge dead soft wire for the project. Copper, silver or ParaWire are suggested.

A heavy needle or an awl

Wire cutters

Chain nose pliers

Draw Plates**

** If you do not have these items or if you have any questions what so ever, Arlene would love to hear from you