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August 27, 2022 – Marsha Judd

Living Works of Art, it’s up and downsides

Marsha will talk about the powerful connecting opportunities for facilitating creative community visions and how to bring those community art experiences to fruition.

Location: The Norma Kershaw Auditorium at the Bowers Museum
Time: 11 am, right after the Bead Society’s 10:30 general membership meeting
Tickets: Purchase tickets for onsite attendance or online video viewing. Tickets are free for Bowers members. CLICK HERE to register and view prices for general admission.



About our speaker:

Marsha Judd is a ceramic sculptor in Southern California.  Her works are represented in museums and corporate and private collections throughout the world and are renowned for their reflective surfaces and contemplative qualities. 

In addition, Marsha is an author. Her co-authored book with Kay Devine, “The Creative Classroom,” is a nationally used textbook offering theoretical and practical ideas and applications for practicing educators. Her work in community art includes being an integral part of the Fullerton School District’s All the Arts for All the Kids Program. Marsha is currently very involved with the Muckenthaler Cultural Center and has taken on the task of bringing the Artistic License Faire to its grounds. Her presentation will give you an informative view of what it takes to connect all of the facets of a creative community art experience.