Upcoming Events and Presentations

Scheduled for April 24, 2021
a special Zoom presentation by Corliss Rose, 2Roses

Beaded Mosaics

Get ready to give your creative batteries a jump start! Corliss will talk about how this form of micro-mosaics became a part of her creative journey. She’ll also demonstrate how the process is done using contemporary materials. 

Corliss Rose is a partner in the international award-winning design studio 2-Roses. Known for its innovative use of highly unorthodox materials combined with unexpected applications, 2Roses has established a unique niche in the worlds of art and fashion. The studio is widely recognized, frequently appearing in publications and exhibitions around the globe.

Corliss Rose is a popular teacher in the polymer clay and metals communities with an established student following. Her workshops often cross-pollinate into incorporating more than one medium, giving the projects and techniques added value to her students.